So you gotta beard... And let's face it, who hasn't these days? But seriously folks, after all the toil and trouble you've gone to growing the damn thing you'd better make sure you take care of it.

Much like the hair on your head, facial follicles are prone to misbehaving when least it's least appropriate. Frizziness, flyaways and general unruliness being part and parcel of the bearded's life experience. But rest assured you can regain control and get your face rug looking schmick... all you need is the right beard oil.


So how do you go about finding 'The One'? That one and only beard oil you can rely on when everything seems to be working against you. Here, texture is key. You want a formula that is lightweight and non-greasy. In short, you're looking for an oil that doesn't feel too oily. Opt for blends that contain quickly absorbed, follicle friendly 'dry' oils like Argan and Jojoba to keep your beard and skin soft, itch/flake free and healthy.

For a super lustrous, super scented beard we recommend The Groomed Man Co. collection of all natural beard oils.


While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes how much oil you should be using, we advocate the less is more approach. You see, once the oil is applied the only way to remove it is to cleanse your beard and start all over again.

So while it does come down to personal preference, the guide below from the fabulous fellas at The Groomed Man Co. is a super helpful starting point.


Beard oils typically dispense via a dropper or a dripolator.

When using a pipette style dropper squeeze the rubber top to draw the oil into the glass barrel before gently squeezing it again to dispense the oil into the palm of your hand. But remember to go easy as a pipette style dropper as does have a tendency to dispense more product than required, leading to an over-oiled beard and more frequent purchasing.

Dripolator caps provide greater control and minimise wastage. Turn the bottle upside down 180 degrees and gently tap the base to start the flow. Then simply measure the required number of drops as they fall into the palm of your hand. Depending upon the amount of oil used per application a 30ml bottle with a dripolator cap should last anywhere between 3 and 12 months.


For a Grade A beard oil application simply dispense the desired amount of oil (see guide above) into your palm, rub your hands together to warm the product through and gently massage into the skin beneath your beard in an upwards motion. Continue by slowly massaging the oil into the beard itself, covering each stand. Finish up by running your fingertips over the outer layer of the beard in a downwards motion for a final dressing.

For top notch results we recommend applying your favourite oil blend daily to a cleansed, towel dried beard. We guarantee your follicles with thank you.